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Hi, I’m Triniti!

I'm an adventure/outdoor enthusiast and travel fanatic who is currently hanging out in the Nashville area although I'm 100% sure I belong in the west with the mountains. I came here in 2014 to escape Texas (Houston, to be exact) and I am getting ready to head out on a new adventure to St. Louis. I live with my partner Chris and our pup Ru and we just celebrated our six year anniversary!

Although we spend most of our time in Nashville, we do our best to travel as often as possible and we spend a good bit of time in his hometown in central Idaho. Aside from adventures and traveling, I'm a huge fan of chocolate, house plants, gardening, paddle boarding, Formula 1, and shamelessly binging an entire season of a trashy reality show in one weekend. I use too many exclamation points in texts/emails (sorry, not sorry - I promise I'm not yelling at you), I drink too much coffee, I would rather be cold than hot, and I have a lot of tattoos.

Although I shoot primarily digital for my client work, I also shoot on film with a variety of different cameras, ranging from vintage TLR medium format cameras, to more modern 35mm cameras and I'm always happy to incorporate those into sessions. During the Covid-19 pandemic I was able to devote a lot of time to learning new things, so I started developing my film in my kitchen and digitalizing my negatives myself and it is one of the most gratifying things I've ever done when it comes to photography.

I run my business with the same core values that I carry in every day life. I believe that love is love, Black lives matter, and your pronouns are important. I strive to make everybody comfortable in my presence and I believe that kindness is the most important thing you can contribute to the world.

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A rotating collection of film photos developed and scanned by me from recent daily life adventures with absolutely zero context - updated whenever I get around to it...

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houseplants and flowers

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being in the mountains

bitter peach by tom ford

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coffee and chocolate

when I was 19!

My favorite hobby is

paddle boarding

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Personal Work and Travel

I love taking photos regardless of the subject and I always love to push myself creatively, but traveling and exploring new places with a film camera in hand is what makes my heart skip a beat. I'll be perfectly honest, I rarely touch my digital camera unless it's for paid work. I shoot mostly film when I'm shooting from the heart. I love planning trips, choosing the film beforehand, seeing new places for the first time, framing the perfect shot, and then waiting a few weeks to get the scans back. My personal work will always make appearances on my blog and prints can be purchased in my store.

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From left to right: Bronco in the mountains in hailey, idaho. Silver Creek in Bellevue, Idaho. Redfish lake in Stanley, Idaho. Henry's Lake State park in west yellowstone, idaho.

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