calling all no-bullshit, fun loving, adventurous couples

model call


But like... for real people.

I know I know... Another ad that seems too good to be true. Except it's not.


Hi!!! I'm Triniti (of Triniti Ortiz Photo) and I'm moving to St. Louis, MO from Nashville, TN in mid-July. See... my boyfriend got a great job offer and we're ready for a new adventure, so we're packing everything up and heading for the midwest. What does this mean for me and why does it have anything to do with you? Well, I get to rebuild my business in a brand new city full of brand new spaces and I need to build up my portfolio so that I can start advertising my services. So I need really rad couples to hop in front of my camera so I can test out some locations, see what St. Louis has to offer, and get the word out!

think of it as a date... with a


My sessions are fun, spontaneous, and a little chaotic (in a good way, I promise). At the beginning of all my sessions, I tell my clients to pretend like they're on a date and someone is following them around with a camera capturing the whole thing. I will creep from near and far, giving you dumb little prompts that will get you chatting about how much you love each other so I can get those dreamy shots of you lovingly gazing into each others eyes. I might even ask you to reminisce on the first time one of you farted in front of the other to get those cheeky grins going.

I know a few things about being on the other side of the camera, too. Want to read about my own couples session experience? Click that picture of my man and i!



What's in it for you?

This is for you if:

-You are in, or are willing to travel to, the greater St. Louis, MO area

-You'd define your relationship as playful, spontaneous, and adventurous

-You feel like you're too awkward to have professional photos taken

-You have unique hobbies you like to do together or you have a fun story to tell

-1 hour-ish long session full of belly laughs and good vibes

-You're available between August 1 and August 31, exact date and time will be chosen based on our mutual schedules

-10 edited and retouched photos from your session, formatted for social media display, delivered within two weeks of your session

-You're willing to sign a model release form giving me permission to use these photos on my website and my social media

-The absolute pleasure of getting to spend an hour talking about your favorite parts of your relationship

-You're willing to let loose, have fun, indulge in a little PDA, and squeeze your partner's tushie for me

-You can be trusted to show up and not leave me hanging

happy happy happy


Sun Valley Portrait Photographer

You ready?

let's get this show on the road!

Fill out the application below

Be as detailed as possible and remember, this is your chance to sell yourself! Tell me why I would want to spend an hour hanging out and capturing your love. What makes your relationship special??

Step 01

Keep an eye on your inbox

I will select 5 couples on July 18, 2021. I'll send you an email so we can connect and pick a date, then we'll dive into planning all of the fun details.

Step 02

Tell your friends!

Share the post that led you here with all of your cutesy couple friends. There's no bonus for this, but I'd be super appreciative and thankful for all of eternity.

Step 03

When life is less honeymoon phase, and more yelling at each other over what to eat for dinner...

I’ll help you revive all those early mushy butterfly feels